Saturday, February 16, 2008

Exciting times

Well, there is only four months until GenCon Oz and (to quote Big Kev), "I'm excited!" I have already booked myself a room at a backpackers not too far from the convention centre.
I have made contact with some other Aussies that want to run some indie games, including their own creations, just like I do. Hopefully we will be running games at GenCon! All I have to decide is what I want to run; one of my games for sure (probably the top-secret one I am currently working on); maybe Vs. Monsters as it is nice and easy and entertaining; and I am tempted by Faery's Tale, a cute game that might be good if I get families/younger people interested in some gaming.

Man, I am excited.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

All systems are go...

I have been back at work for a week and life seems to be racing. I am (kind of) on top of things at work but this has meant other projects have needed to take a back seat - especially as I have also been trying to do some renovations aound the house (I had five weeks off and decided to begin the work on my last two days of vacation!).
That said, I have set some fairly formidible deadlines for myself. GenCon Oz is on and I intend to be there - and my next project will be completed. What is this project? Well, I can't say at the moment, but it is an off-shoot of an earlier, popular game I wrote. My early playtests have been very successful with plenty of feedback.
I have a busy year ahead of me, it seems. At work I am beginning with some serious drama work and senior classes, have booked a range of training and in-service courses and will be preparing to become Year Advisor (mentor/etc) for the incoming 2009 students. Outside of work, I have already booked in Conflux (the speculative fiction convention), GenCon, a trip to Adelaid for a conferance of Albinism and a few weeks in New Zealand with fourteen or so of my closest relatives! It's all go-go-go! In fact, I am really excited about all this.
I love airports. I picked my dad up from the airport last week when he returned from a business trip. I got there early just so I could sit and watch people and soak up the atmosphere. Newcastle Airport is not a big airport - certainly no international flights - but it is a bustling place. I loved watching the excited people dragging their luggage through to the departure lounge, and seeing the expectant faces of those who were waiting for their loved-ones to return from wherever they may have been. I can't wait to drag myself there on my many adventures this year. But first, I have to complete my goals - so that means less chatting and more writing, so I will speak to you all again in a few days (or a week).